Veneno sabroso (Tasty poison) talks about a woman in her early 30´s, who´s married and is really successful in her work but is not satisfied at all and feels terribly lonely. She reencounters with Juan, her teenage lover who helps her to discover all the magic that has been keeping under her most profound self, revealing all her dark secrets into the surface to him including her condition of leaving with HIV. 

TWO SEASONS IN 2013-2014 

CAST: Rocío Bengoa/ Verónica de Alba ANA 

          Ricardo Palacio ÓSCAR

          Haydeé Leyva CACHUS

          Alberto Wolf JUAN

DIRECTOR: Antón Araiza

PRODUCERS: Alberto Wolf and Humberto Busto. 

PLAY BY: Alberto Wolf



The final scene.

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Ana and Oscar. Actors: Verónica de Alba, Ricardo Palacio. 

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Juan and Cachus. Actors: Alberto Wolf and Haydeé Leyva. 

Cachus, Oscar and Ana.

Ana and Juan.

Totio, Ema and Arcadi.

Etiopía (Ethiopia) takes place near a metro station called like the African Country we all know about and where all the three characters live near by. It talks about a man who´s just got out of prison to find about that has to live with his grandfather who has lost a leg because of diabetes and apparently has an addiction for alcohol, gambling and tinder. Soon looks for her old lover Ema and the three decide to go on a journey into the lonely desert of Wirikuta in search for answers. 

CAST: Totio: Jaime Garza. 

            Ema: Roxana Andrade.

            Arcadi: Alberto Wolf

            Directed by: Cristian Magaloni

            Written by Alberto Wolf

            Produced by Mariano Ducombs                 and Gisela Sandoval. 

            Foro Shakespeare, Mexiko City                   2016.

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