A few words about and by me... 

I was born in San Isidro, Jalisco, México and studied all my life from kindergarten to highschool in the Germanschool. I have both passports, german and mexican, though i believe we are all humans of the same planet. I moved to Mexico City when i was twenty and studied acting through four years in ARGOS CasAzul, which was and incredibly, amazing and unforgettable experience with great teachers and classmates. I did commercials, theater, film and t.v. through all this years, and at the same time began to paint, something that always has been a passion of mine, so as writing. I remembered being twelve or thirteen and spending my afternoons writing novels that I imagined to performed, and in some sort of way that became a reality in 2012 when I decided to become a playwright. That was the way Tasty Poison become into stage, a realistic piece about a woman in her early thirties who lives with HIV, is married and has a successful job and get´s in love again with her teenage love Juan. Later on "Moon" with the cowriting of Xandra Orive, a great playwright and director from Mexico as well, a monologue about a transexual and transgender and her hall experience through that process of change. And most recently "Ethiopia", about a guy who has got out of jail to realize he´s completely alone for except of his grandfather who likes to gamble with women and to drink lots of alcohol. Soon, with her exlover Ema, the three decide to go into the desert of Wirikuta in San Luis Potosi in search of the master guide of Jikuri (Peyote). I also cowrite the shortfilm Joolkita with Humberto Busto next to be presented for the first time in the 2017 edition of the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, and whom I am also cowriting for the currently moment the script based on the play "Tasty poison".  I like to create, write for theatre and film as well as acting, painting and drawing.

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